Mental health advice from yr friendly neighbourhood Sane Person™


  • have you tried yoga
  • yes? okay what about pilates
  • have you tried eating food that you cant afford
  • why don’t you get a job
  • do you sleep enough/too much
  • try sleeping better
  • have you considered Normal people’s feelings
  • have you considered becoming Normal like us
  • i think that would help
  • here i printed out this article on deep breathing from a Women’s online magazine, it helped my coworker who was sad one time
  • hey your’e creative, maybe you could write your own article

my hobbies include crying, wandering the streets to avoid committing suicide, and bursting into tears on public transportation

I want to die.

Bad day, but not “I’m going to go to the park and try to hang myself bad” so that’s a plus.

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